Teaching and Learning

Who I teach:




An aspiring accountant;

A bartender;

A woman who’s looking for an American husband;

University students;

A young couple who met in my class;

Someone studying to be a pharmacist;

Those who bicycle and scooter to class;

Video game lovers;

Football haters;

A tattoo artist apprentice;

Young adults seeking employment in the city when really they want to be living in their hometown;

A young woman fluent in Mandarin and another who is studying French in addition to English;

A dancer;

Many Taylor Swift fans.

Ele class

Who are they teaching?


me and student



My last week in Auckland. Four monarch butterflies dancing together in the garden. They land separately, but not for long until they are flying together again. Symbols of transformation and possibility keep me company today, along with the cat – my faithful companion who loves to catch and eat them and succeeds more often than I want (I wish for never). But Coco now sleeps on my bed so the monarchs (and I) are free to enjoy the sun and flowers.

I stand with my camera, hoping to sneak in a picture or two. I somewhat succeed. No way can I capture them flying together (the better image in my mind), but I am settling for what I can get. I would need a better camera and a lot more patience to get an image of them all together, and I have neither. Still working on the latter quality, though I have already come a long way. There is no real need for the former.  The monarchs fly inches from me – are they mocking or inviting me? Probably a bit of both. I put the camera away and just watch them. Wonder-full.

Butterfly spirit animal has gone from a caterpillar that is only capable of crawling ever so slowly long a twig to a Butterfly that is capable of taking flight across seas and continents. This is a message of what is possible in our own lives, of going beyond what we believe is possible.” — Presley Love

I think I may have found part of my next tattoo to commemorate this year.

One of the four that kept me company that day.

One of the four that kept me company that day.

So much easier to photograph them staying still (which wasn't often)

So much easier to photograph them staying still (which wasn’t often)

Coco often waits for butterflies.

Coco often waits for butterflies.