Making every minute count

I got bumped to first class.

I didn’t ask for it, pay for it, or do anything to deserve it, but it happened anyway.

So I got to board early, and was served orange juice (no ice) before take off while others got on the plane. I stretched my feet out and had some room on both sides of my seat for my arms. I barely needed the rests.

When we were airborne, I was asked by name if I wanted another drink. I ordered club soda (no ice) and they brought it to me on a tray, in a real glass. I sipped it while playing video games on my iPad.

Then the flight attendant offered me a snack; I took a fig bar. She then added, “Is that it?” so I also grabbed the cashews. They’re still in my bag, waiting for a time when I’m actually hungry.

Best 49-minute flight ever.


Out the window from Chengdu to Lijiang. I did not fly first class on this trip.


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