Things I did in China

Saw a giant Buddha and giant pandas.


Pandas love sleeping.


Leshan Giant Buddha


Visited a Catholic Church and several Buddhist temples.

Ate bugs, yak meat, and the most delicious eggplant;

Bought the yak meat to share with friends.

Bargained with an old lady to get a bronze teapot, decorated with dragons.

Got a massage from a blind Chinese man.

Watched the hockey playoffs while lying in a hotel bed in Zhuhai.

Pushed my physical limits hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Drank so much tea. It was all delicious, but buckwheat was my favorite.

Reconnected with friends and love, and met up with my brother.

Drank craft beer and learned that there are 21 “jags” on a bottle cap.

Sang KTV (karaoke) while drinking champagne and eating sugared popcorn.

Learned that Prince had died and reflected on memories of his music.

Saw a pig leg get roasted with a blow torch. Its head was displayed on the butcher’s table, awaiting sale.


Yum? (The head is on the table in the background.)

Experienced joy, fear, grief, laughter, heartache, and peace.

Ate Mexican food and pizza; both were pretty good.

Caught a cold and bought medicine for it, not exactly knowing what that medicine was. It did seem to help.

Visited three provinces (Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangdong) and a Special Administrative Region (Macau)


The heart of old Macau

Bought a postcard but failed to mail it – sorry Danielle and Sofie!

Gambled and lost;

Risked and won.

But I never heard Hotel California.


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