I sat at my kitchen table to eat some oatmeal

That I flavored with date syrup I bought in Oman.

I added flax seed because my doctor said it was good for my health.

Then I began to cut the tags off the 19 pairs of socks and 4 hats I bought yesterday.

I also got three pairs of gloves and a scarf.

I stuffed them into a purple floral backpack I borrowed from a friend

Who also gave me four toothbrushes and some tampons she didn’t need.

They went into the backpack too, along with two extra pairs of socks and a scarf I don’t need.

This sweatshirt doesn’t fit right, so I throw it in, too.

I pause to type these words on my computer

As I hear my washing machine come to a stop.

My towels and bathmats are clean.

I washed them after I got out of a hot shower this morning.

I toss them into the dryer.

Later I will get into my car that has a half tank of gas and drive downtown

To give away the things in the backpack to people living on the streets.

We’ll also serve hot chocolate

And then go back home to rest.


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