Letting go of letting go

I spent the evening organizing. Cleaning out old files, trying to figure out what I need to keep, and what needs shredding. I found some old postcards – created by a well-known local artist – ones that were bought five years ago to become an art piece, celebrating Oregon, in my kitchen. Maybe I’ll make it someday, to replace a painting that I’m not too fond of, but hangs there anyway. I also uncovered my file of old recipes, the things I used to cook before I left to travel the world. Maybe I’ll make some of those dishes again. Lots of stews and soups, just in time for winter. Two thank you cards were buried in a pile of health records. I was going to throw them away, but something stopped me. I’ll probably put them in a box, along with other assorted memories. Overall, I did a poor job of letting go of things today. Something I’ve struggled with my whole life, but am slowly getting better at. Better at understanding when it’s time to let go of things, a hobby, a relationship, an idea. There are things and people from the past that are worth holding onto for sure: I’m just not so sure that the kitchen painting or the replacement postcards fit the bill.  Nor is this thought process really worth holding onto. I recognize that this blog post is half-baked, ill-formed, and pretty non-sensical. So, it’s time to let go of this. At least I let go of something today.


Today I pretty much chose the latter


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