Holiday anticipation

The heater kicks on signifying that we’ve officially moved into the cold, rainy season. A little more than a month left of days getting shorter. Less than two weeks until Thanksgiving and the onset of a holiday season that I am looking forward to. Not sure why, or what I will do to make it special, but the anticipation of random parties and gatherings fills me with warmth and joy. I am going to get a  Christmas tree because I love the way they smell and dimly light up a room. Is it too early to think about this? Possibly, but it’s fun to look forward to it.

headless snowman

Christmas in my neighborhood a few years ago.

I am good with the idea of holidays with no set plans, but lots of possibility. OK, part of that isn’t completely true; Thanksgiving is partially figured out. As has been family tradition, for me Thanksgiving is about spending time with friends—the family not related by blood, but bond. Private karaoke will kick off the week (a first time for one friend!), then some workdays, all flowing lazily into cooking Ethiopian food and drinking bubbly – after all, that’s what we do. Then the rest of the weekend will just be like any other – or will it? That’s where the openness comes into play. Maybe I will be able to convince some to go on a walk, or random drive. A trip to mini Stonehenge perhaps? A wander around the city to look for murals? Shall we fulfill our mission to drive to Paisley, Oregon adorned in plaid and polka dots? Or maybe we will lose ourselves in a film or two. However we do it, I hope that exploration is part of the game plan. Not knowing what will happen is part of the fun.


At mini Stonehenge, summer 2012.


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