Cherishing the mundane

We missed the rain last weekend. Not on purpose – I would have loved to have seen it, listened to it, been trapped by it. Supposedly it came down very hard for a good three hours and flooded the streets the way it always does along the Wadis. We saw evidence of its force in the huge puddles on the roadside as we came home from our day and night away. It was probably our last chance to see the skies open up in the desert.

Even though I truly relish the sun, basking in it daily on slow strolls to class, it’s rain that brings color to otherwise pale tan and brown surroundings. On campus, there are a few spots where there are flowers, and I take the time to stop and admire them in their out-of-placeness in this barren landscape. Students have seen me do this and laugh – especially when I am caught taking pictures; I guess they don’t see the same miracles I do in their daily surroundings.


As seen on campus (provided you look down)



As seen on campus (provided you look up)

I’ve also run across flowers in a few spots that aren’t deliberately maintained. It’s so rare to see them that the novelty is worth capturing.


Flowers! In nature!


I am grateful for these bursts of color and life.


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