Alison’s Rule

My office mate has worked at the college for over ten years. When I first arrived, she was quick to offer words of comfort and advice about how to navigate this new culture. One of the first rules she told me was, “Only expect to get one thing done each day. That way, if something else happens, it will be a pleasant surprise.” I thought she was being a little extreme, but I soon realized how literal she was.

Yesterday, I finalized my class schedule and with that, I should have called it a day: I got something accomplished! But no, I pushed my luck – got greedy, even. Later, we tried to get a spare key made. There is one place in Rustaq that provides this service and it’s over the mountain, in the old part of town. “By the bank,” several people said, “You will see it.” We kept asking people where to get a key made, because we couldn’t believe there was only one place, despite the presence of several hardware stores and even more auto shops of various kinds. Yet, the answer was consistent enough and our own efforts to track another location down were, of course, fruitless. So, up over the mountain we went. True enough, we found the place easily enough but were met with the unexpected: It was going to take ten days to get a new key made. The key shop ran out of keys.

Alison is right: Only try to get one thing done every day. So choose wisely.


Seeing this street sign makes me laugh every time I see it. I think Oman is trying to tell me something.



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