Killing Time: Campfire Destination

There’s not a lot to do out here, especially this time of year. Our grading is done, and the students have a week off for a study break before the second round of final assessments. Most universities in the US would see this as time off for teachers as well, but not here. Technically, we need to show our faces, so we do. At least there is internet at the college; at home we don’t have that luxury so it’s worth getting out of bed, donning modest clothing, and heading out to an empty campus. Many other teachers don’t feel the need to do the same, so we are practically alone. Perhaps it’s because they do have internet at home. Or maybe they are better masters of the art of doing nothing.

college ghst town

Campus on Monday, 10AM.

college ghost town 2

Not a student in sight.


Another way to pass the time is by driving around. Dave and I went on a little drive back to the place where we experienced the campfire complete with bagpipe entertainment. We wanted to see what it looked like out there while it was light, and we also wanted to mark the location on our GPS so we could find it again in the dark.

As we set off on our journey, we quickly realized the GPS would be of limited help. None of the roads we traversed were programmed in.


Road to nowhere


Before you ask – yes, that is a burrito icon representing our vehicle.

A few kilometers down the road, we saw a grave.


Who lies here?



Camels! Baby camels!

baby camels

Seeing there little guys pretty much made my day.


We passed a blasting site, some goats, sheep, and lots of desert terrain. Then, after a while, Dave recognized the turn-off and up a sandy hill we went. Times like this (and going to the ocean) are why we got our 4-Wheel drive Trooper, Horst. One crazy climb later and – ta da! – We reached the site. In the daylight, it wasn’t much, but it’s a good representation of Omani desert beauty.

the spot

Desert. And more desert.

spot with mtns

Mountains. And more mountains.


Looking around, the scenery grew on me. We decided this is a perfect spot to watch a sunset one day. It only took us 45 minutes to drive here, but we are far away from everything. And, as an added bonus, we managed to kill a couple of hours. Now what to do after work today?


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