False hopes: I still miss paper towels

A little while back, I posted my longing for good, strong paper towels. The kind that I am used to the United States. The kind I used to take for granted until I started traveling. Well, no sooner did I wish for them, then I saw this “installed” in our bathroom at school!

big tp

The ribbon installation makes the bathroom look so fancy! Note that the regular role of tp is still there, in case you prefer to use it for whatever reason.

While this may seem like my wishes had come true, alas, this was not the case. For this roll is not actually of paper towels, but of toilet paper made to look like paper towels! More specifically, this is an 8-inch roll of toilet paper. Used to dry hands. Ineffectively. The audacity to build up my excitement, only to laugh as I continue to face reality of wet hands.


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