Nuit Blanche

I went to Melbourne in late February to attend the Connect14 conference — one of the few work-related things I have done that was specific to being overseas. It was great to be able to combine travels and work that way. 

Nuit Blanche, the fabulous all night art exhibit that takes over the entire city happened to be going on then. It’s hard to describe these events, which happen worldwide, to someone who has never attended one. From 7PM to 7AM, the whole city becomes art — visual, musical, performance. I saw a synchronized swimming event set to trance music and a light show.  I saw bad magic shows, and creepy clowns; participatory shadow dancing and balloon art. I heard every type of music imaginable, sometimes separately, sometimes in a discordant mess as I went from one block to the next.

But the “main” event of the night was a light show projected on most of the historic buildings around the heart of the city. I’m posting pictures of Flinders Street Station as it looked earlier that day and then lit up like a circus (you can also see how many people were gathering at around midnight). Scenes on the buildings changed every so often as the evening wore on.

I loved this city.



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