Living Space, Revisited

My first blog post contained the pictures, but I didn’t figure out how to add the text (I think I need to do that first, THEN add pics). Pictured above is Dave’s and my apartment in Cheonan, South Korea. It totals about 325 square feet, counting the veranda area (not pictured) where the laundry hangs to dry. 

It’s tiny for sure, but in my first week here I’ve grown to love it. It reminds me of my studio at Harvard — mammoth by comparison — where I lived for a year. I never really got the hang of Boston, but walking up the three flights of steps to what was my own studio space was always a relief for me. I was in my nest: home. I feel the same way now.

Except now there are two of us in a space built for one. I’ve been traveling for over seven months already (I have a lot of catching up to do on posts), and I’ve learned to appreciate how little I really need — want, even. I begin to resent my super large suitcase which contained what I was convinced were wardrobe “essentials” when I first left Oregon. I don’t wear about 1/3 of the clothes I brought and I could reduce my fashion choices even further if I wanted to. I won’t even talk about how many beauty products came with me.

The idea of living in my 3BR, 2BA place again overwhelms me. So much space for one or two. 

Check back with me in a month or two to see how I feel about such minimalist living.


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